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From routine horse vaccinations, wellness examinations and fecals to acute equine injuries, ophthalmological or gastrointestinal issue to any other possible medical emergency we’ve got you covered with 24/7/365 coverage.
If your horse is acutely injured, has some nagging chronic issues or simply isn’t performing up to their fullest potential we can help. Through a methodical lameness examination, we can pinpoint sources of pain using palpation techniques, flexions and diagnostic nerve blocks which will then allow a targetsed and effective treatment plan to be put in place. Let us help get your horse comfortable and performing again if it’s heading down the trail all the way to the upper levels of competition.
If you’re thinking about a new horse, we cannot recommend enough that a good thorough pre purchase examination be performed on your prospect. Regardless if the horse is going to be and upper level competitor or weekend warrior trail horse, going into this big decision with as much information about the horse as we can find is the best way to make an educated decision if your potential new partner will be appropriate for their intended use.
Gastric ulcers are an incredibly common condition in all classes of horses including foals, horses in intense training or competition, and horses who are ill or injured and confined to a stall. They can display a wide range of obvious signs such as frequent or intense colics to the more subtle symptoms such as changes in behavior or performance. Equine gastroscopy is an essential tool not only in the diagnosis of ulcers, but it also plays a crucial role in monitoring the healing process.
Thinking of breeding your mare? We can help with all aspects of equine reproductive care. Services include horse breeding soundness exams, artificial insemination, pre and post-natal care of the mare and foal.
Equine shockwave therapy is a very useful tool in the treatment of many orthopedic conditions among horses. Through the application of focused sound waves, growth factors are brought to the target area which encourages growth factors to accumulate and therefore help promote better quality and faster healing to the injured site. Shockwave has also been shown to help potentiate the effects of Platelet Rich Plasma when used to treat a tendon or ligament injury. The results are amazing!
We are thrilled to offer a variety of Equine Regenerative Medicine options for the treatment of soft tissue and joint injuries. Using them individually or in conjunction with other RM techniques we can enhance the horses’ body’s ability to heal itself therefore potentially shortening the recovery time and also encouraging a better quality heal. These RM options also eliminate the need for the use of corticosteroids which are contraindicated in our metabolic (Cushings/Insulin Resistance) horses.
The Artemis Class 4 Cold Equine Therapy Laser is the one of the most powerful devices that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions such as bone bruising, tendon and ligament injury, generalized pain and inflammation. The Artemis is unique in that by changing parameters it can be used for Rapid Inflammatory Mitigation (RIM), Non-Invasive Regenerative Therapy (NRT) and Minimally Invasive Surgical Ablation (MISA). These options Equine laser therapy allows for the treatment of inflammation and promotion of regeneration of tissue therefore giving us a very powerful option to promote good quality healing and pain relief. It Laser therapy in equine practice can also be used to stimulate acupuncture point in the needle shy patients in place of needles.
Using a thorough exam restrictions of joints throughout the body can be found and adjusted. Dr. Loheac has gained her certification in Equine Medical Manipulation at the Integrative Veterinary Medicine Institute - the only school of Spinal Manipulation which exclusively teaches veterinarians and has an Equine specific course. The term Spinal Manipulation is the correct term when applied to animals rather than chiropractic in humans.
By placing small needles in specific points on a horse that follow meridians in the body, “Qi” or energy flow can be influenced. There are a multitude of conditions that may be treated with acupuncture for horses spanning from orthopedic pain, reproductive/hormonal, skin conditions, neurological, eye issue.. you name it! Dr. Loheac completed her studies at the Chi Institute in 2011 and has seen amazing results with her patients through equine acupuncture.
Keeping your horse’s teeth in good shape is essential to their overall health. Poor equine dentition can cause a wide variety of symptoms such as quitting (wadding up hay) dropping grain, and poor acceptance of the bit/contact. Horse’s teeth are constantly erupting and with any uneven wear sharp painful points on the edges of their teeth can form along with other imbalances which can interfere with normal food processing leading to potential weight loss. Having your horses on a regular program of oral examinations with the help of our equine dentistry and floating will keep their teeth in top form.
One of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Tui-na is essentially a combination of acupressure, massage and chiropractic techniques. Acupressure used by itself it can replace the need for needle placement for those needle shy horses as a substitute for acupuncture. It also enhances the effects of equine acupuncture and chiropractic making each of these treatments more effective. Following treatment, owners with receive Tui-Na "homework” allowing the benefits of treatment to continue from one appointment to the next.
Need to quickly reduce inflammation in a horse’s limb post injury? We have the Game Ready Equine Cold Compression Therapy machine available for rental. It’s superior ability to combine compression and intense dry cold therapy can offer quick relief in the face of acute horse injuryies. We also have SoftRide hoof boots available in a variety of sizes available for rental and purchase to help ease sore feet/hooves quickly.

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